Slicer creates Incorrect layer height when swapping multiple materials

Currently I'm my printer is great printing in either PLA or ABS, I've got the speeds and temps right, I would lay down a base layer in PLA the it would start printing from the ABS and it would go all wrong, not adhering to the base layer, on close inspection I noticed the code has fiddled the height so that when it changed Extruder heads its fudged the height. Any ideas on where to start looking for the cause for this, btw a full print in either material works fine from the same stl file. I'm wanting to use the PLA as sacrificial plastic but as you can imagine it's just not going to work if there is an air gap between the materials


  • How do you create that extra layer? If you use a raft, slicers add additional space to allow better loosening. So you need to find the setting and set distance to Zero if you do not like it.
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