Connect Repetier-Host with Repetier-Informer (iPhone & iPad)

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The aim of this app is to receive important push-messages on your smartphone or tablet from Repetier-Host from version 1.

Repetier-Host sents all messages to defined groups.
All members of a group receive the same message, so that you can receive your the messages on your smartphone and on your tablet.
Your App can be a member of multiple groups.

A group is a uniquely named id, which is shared between the sender and one or more receivers. In the software, that sends the message, the corresponding group must be specified.

Generate a new group


Add to existing group


Connect with Repetier-Host

  1. Run your Repetier-Host
  2. Go to Config → Preferences → Push-Messages
  3. Mark "Activate Push-Messages"
  4. Enter your Host Name. This gets added to the title of the send messages.
  5. Enter your group id you created here as Informer-Group.
  6. Click on the test button to send a push-message to all members of the group.
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