Rpi Server doesn't remember router SSID

I'm half way through my repetier server 14 day demo and really really REALLY want to replace my marlin/astroprint mix with repetier/ repetier server - but the functionality is simply lacking (BIG TIME). I can not get my Rpi3 to stay connected to my router. Astroprint worked exceptionally well in this regard. After any print that takes longer than a few hours the server will start broadcasting its own AP. At this point I have to tear down my whole printer and plug in wired LAN cable so that Rpi can see internet access and allow the pro(trial) version to connect to the internet so that I can get it connected to my network (the trial version will not allow me to connect to my router from the AP). Is there any solution to this? At this point I will sacrifice the quality of print and go back to marlin firmware and astropint/octoprint so that I can actually use my printer. :/ . So frustratating.


  • It seems th eissue arises when wifi connection breaks and reconnecting fails. Then server will delete old password assuming it is wrong. You can disable this easily in ssh console:
     sudo nano /usr/local/Repetier-Setup/bin/manageWifiAccess

    Search that part:

            nmcli connection up "$P1" &> /dev/null
            if [ $ret == 0 ] ; then
                    echo "OK"
                    nmcli connection delete "$P1" ifname $WLAN  &> /dev/null
                    echo "Failed"

    and comment the delete line
    # nmcli connection delete "$P1" ifname $WLAN  &> /dev/null

    You will still loose connection from time to time as that is a wifi problem with connection, but since it does now not delete the password it should continue to try to reconnect.

  • Thanks for the quick response! I will try this.
  • I had same problem before. The problem was in my router wireless settings. If you use auto channel in the router wireless settings it's use channel 13 sometimes, but the rpi3 can't connect to the wifi on 13 channel. After I set a fix channel in 1-11 range, the porlem is gone...
  • @sarpba That is a good hint. Actually it can do channel 13, but not in default region. Some countries do not allow channel 12/13 so it is disabled by default. If you set region to Germany DE these channels should be possible at next restart.
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