Error:Wrong checksum

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I had a great weekend. I got My Pi 3 setup running Repetier- Server-Pro 0.80.3 with a 32gb class 10 SD card. I have two printers (duplicator I3 and a Kossel Mini delta) with webcams (accessible externally). I also have Repetier host 1.6.2on my sons computer and he now can print to either printer. 

The question I have is wen I am slicing in Repetier-host and print to the Delta printer on the Pi.  I see it start the gcode, heat up the bed and extruder and then this communication error shows up. It doesn't seem to hurt anything and the print continues.  Where is this communications error coming from. Host to Pi  or Pi to printer ?

17:57:46.669 : Uploading  to http://XX.XX.XX.XX:3344/printer/job/Monoprice_13860_Maker_Select_3d_Printer_V2?a=upload
17:57:52.557 : SelectExtruder:0
17:57:52.557 : X:0.00 Y:0.00 Z:218.600 E:0.0000
17:57:52.557 : Set output: 63 to 0
17:57:52.557 : Set output: 40 to 255
17:57:52.557 : Set output: 42 to 0
18:02:04.128 : Warning: Communication timeout - resetting communication buffer.
18:02:04.128 : Connection status: Buffered:74, Manual Commands: 2, Job Commands: 1232
18:02:04.128 : Buffer used:74 Enforced free byte:15 lines stored:6
18:02:04.128 : Printing layer 1 of 1
18:02:04.131 : Error:Wrong checksum
18:02:04.131 : Resend:10139
18:04:52.576 : Printed filament:69.88m Printing time:0 days 18 hours 47 min
18:04:52.576 : Set output: 42 to 0
18:04:52.576 : Set output: 40 to 0
18:04:52.576 : Set output: 63 to 255
18:05:03.512 : SelectExtruder:0
18:05:03.512 : X:0.00 Y:0.00 Z:218.600 E:0.0000
18:12:21.013 : SelectExtruder:0

Also I see it is using the first printer I setup as the name of the job "Monoprice_13860_Maker_Select_3d_Printer_V2" . The printer I am printing to is HE3D Delta 180+ ??  seems like it should be  "Uploading  to http://XX.XX.XX.XX:3344/printer/job/HE3D Delta 180+ ?a=upload". Its getting to the right printer just seems off.

Thanks again


  • I also am seeing this error.

    19:26:24.435 : Set output: 42 to 0
    19:27:25.128 : Socket Error: An exception has occurred while receiving a message.
    19:27:25.129 : Repetier-Server disconnected.
    19:27:28.684 : Repetier-Server successfully connected.
  • Wrong checksum is printer-pi communication. No problem if it does not happen frequently. That is why we have checksums at all.

    Last one is a host-server issue. Just means the websocket dies (normally due to a connection issue e.g. wlan breaks for a short while). You can reconnect host any time even during print without any harm.
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