New Printer

I am building a new printer, my own design, Cartesian style. I have the X, Y, and Z axis completed and wanted to test. I am using the Azteeg X3 V2.0 controller board. I successfully downloaded the latest version of Marlin and am using Repetier Host on windows XP. I don't have the extruder or bed heater yet. I am able to use the manual controls in Repetier to home all of the axis with no problem but manual move commands are ignored. I tried issuing G0 F1800 X80 Y80 and those are also ignored. I can see the RX, TX lights flash on the controller board when I send move commands but no movement. Do I need to disable something in the firmware since I don't have heaters? What else can I try? 


  • Endstops can also prevent moves. Check they are not active with M119

    You can enable echo in debug options (disable easy mode) they you see commands send in hosts log window.
    If it gets repeated it was send to the firmware and you should check a Marlin firmware group. 
    If you get no response there might be a communication problem.
  • I finally figured it out. The firmware was waiting for the heater temps to be in range and since I don't have heaters yet this would never happen. I disabled all heaters and now everything works as it should.
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