Repetier Host: Resume printing after pause, using Cura 2.3 extension

I have recently started using Cura 2.3.1.
Amongst others, this slicing software offers an extension that is called "Pause at height" that halts printing at a user-defined height, which is very useful if you want to insert material at a certain spot on top of which the print should continue.

I was expecting that this mechanism would work with the pause-function that is available in Repetier-Host. However: that is not the case.
Does anyone know how I can resume printing, once the gcode goes into "pause"?
Or is there another trick to use this Cura extension in combination with Repetier Host?


  • In repetier-host you set simply
    @pause message
    to pause. I guess cura does insert something different there. Can you say what they add for pausing?

    In any case you could then search for what cura inserts and replace by @pause command.
  • Here is a copy of the part of the gcode that relates to the pause as generated by Cura:
    G0 X87.001 Y87.425
    ;added code by post processing
    ;current z: 2.000000
    G1 Z3.000000 F300
    G1 X70.000000 Y70.000000 F9000
    G1 Z15 F300
    M84 E0
    M0 ;Do the actual pause
    G1 Z3.000000 F300
    G1 X87.143000 Y87.143000 F9000
    G1 F9000

    Does this answer your question?
    However, my question is: if this cannot work with the RepetierHost Pause function, what command do I need to resume printing???

  • Cura assumes M0 does a pause, which does not work with repetier firmware. So simply replace

    M0 lines with
    @pause blabla

    and you are done.
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