Change IP Address


I'm using the image for raspberry pi 0.80.3.
I managed it to connect to my wifi. It received two IP-Addresses on the WLAN0 Interface ( and As far as i can see these addresses are distributed by DHCP.
Since the DHCP Server changes the IP-Addresses from time to time i'd like to set fixed IP-Addresses but i couldn't figure out how.

How do i do that?

Greetings Andi


  • DHCP server can bind the ip to a mac address. That way the server always get the same IP. Go to dashboard and you should also see mac address of the interfaces so you can enter them in your routers dhcp setup.
  • Yes, that was my first thougt as well.
    Unfortuneately the router provided by my isp (swisscom) doesn't support mac binding.
  • Ok, that is bad. I wanted to add static ip for next image and hope not to forget it.

    If your os supports bonjour you could until then use repetierserver.local instead of ip or whatever name you have your pi.

    Alternatively you would need to rewrite the network handling of the image or simple rename /usr/local/Repetier-Setup/bin/manageWlan to disable automatic wifi configuration and set it up manually.
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