G29 command doesn't seem to want to work

I have a k200 delta and i connected it to repetier everything seemed great. So i start calibrating. I put a M119 code and it said the probe status is L So i pushed the probe and the status turned to W. They since that was correct i put in the G29 command and instantly it said the command failed due to a fatal error and will be fixed. I click ok and then nothing happens. No matter how many time i tried the G29 command didn't work. What should i do?


  • That is a firmware problem not host as it looks. And from your description I assumeyou are using Marlin? As repetier uses G32 for autoleveling.
  • Um i am totally new to 3d printing so i don't know what Marlin is. I just bought a k200 delta and in the tutorial video it said g29. Ill give g32 a go though thank you!
  • Send M115 and see the output in host log. It will show what firmware you are using. Marlin is a popular firmware alternative to Repetier-Firmware but both have some differences in gcode commands so it is important to know what you have to select the right commands.
  • my firmware is 0.92.9 repetier. And i found something. whenever i manually on the printer turn auto level on it turns it self off right away.
  • Please upgrade to dev version, which has fixed many autoleveling issues and use G32 S2 for leveling. Hope that fixes your problems,
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