Pi image and Wifi = no AP mode

I tried the 0.80.3 image for Pi in the hopes it would allow me to connect wirelessly without having screen/keyboard/serial but I could not find see the AP the Pi was supposed to make. Anything to look for to find out why AP mode did not work, I think this feature is very usefull if it had worked.

Also wondering if there is a file I can "pre-seed" with wifi settings by mounting the image before writing it to an SD card? Was unable to grep my ssid name to locate a settings file. If possible to use the /boot partition that would be even better as it would allow easy access even from windows machines.


  • By default the AP is on when not connected offering a network "repetierserver" with password 12345678.

    The idea with a file in /boot is good for preinitalized networks. We could take them in addition as the current solution to have a list of well known networks that never get asked for.

    Current extra solution is connect with ethernet and set wlan config.
  • I did get it running by hooking up an ethernet cable and connect to my wifi but I guess it boils down to not all Wifi Adapters being able to do software AP, or software AP and be a regular client.

    Maybe a list of reccomended manufacturers/chipset could clear up some confusion for the inexperienced users. 

    Still think config on /boot is the simplest way to get going with cheap wifi adapters.
  • Yes, I still like the /boot method as a easy alternative for users where other ways fail so no ethernet connection is required to set it up.
  • While waiting for the /boot method to materialize in a future release, is there a way to add a wifi network using a console, serial or ssh?

    Could be a user has ethernet available but not where the desired Wifi is, so adding arbitrary wifi details would be handy, even if it requires a little bash-fu or other magic.

    It doesn't seen to be adding my wifi details to /etc/wpa_supplicant or did I miss something?
  • Please read troubleshooting in image download page on how to remove the delete connection from list. 

    The image uses Network-Manager for wifi configuration with an own script for communication between server and linux as described in troubleshooting wifi. Without delete and if you say never enable ap it should always select that network when it sees it and can connect.
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