Audio streaming

Hi, I wanted to ask if you can enable audio streaming with a button near the video stream. I believe it can be useful to understand any problems. I take this opportunity to compliment with you on the webcam management.



  • We use mjpg streams and these only consists of a stream of concatenated jpg images. It does not contain any audio so we can not transfer audio along. So in cases where you are unsure about timings you should better use a smartphone to film the critical period so you have video plus audio. Also you get then more frames per second and can replay.

    Once a printer is working you normally want no sound.
  • I like this idea.  I think the sound of my printer is very cool.  Especially when it's printing circles.  

    Not sure about a diagnostic tool, but it would be great for demo purposes.  I frequently do live streams for people when I'm printing a custom part for them.  Audio would be a plus.

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