gcodes not processing till reboot

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I'm not sure what happend.  But the last two days any time I upload a gcode the print, view, or info icons don't show.  It hangs on processing till I reboot.  On reboot, the file process just fine and I can print with no issues.  This happens regardless of the slicer used.

If I can provide any other logs or tests, please let me know.  Thank you!



  • I see your webcam server is not running.

    After upload the file is preprocessed and the buttons appear. I see the rendering starts which happens after preprocessing, so that part worked and you should have seen the buttons. Does the rendered image appear? So my guess is the error is on browser side maybe. Can you open developer tools->console and see if you get any error messages? Also please test reloading browser window instead of restarting server, Would that also show the buttons?

    Last thing to check would be if avconv keeps running or exits due to missing images. If it hangs it will block all further processes as server will always only start one external job to keep cpu load in reasonable limits. But seeing rendering image I assume it finished. Anyhow hope one of the tests gives more insight where the problem lies.
  • RE: Webcam.  I don't use the built in webcam server.  I could never get it to work right.  It would be fine for an hour then stop working.  multiple cams don't work either.  so I use an old PC running netcam server and 2 cameras with 0 issues.   One day I'll try the cams on repetier server once more.

    RE Browser side error: I've tried with multiple browsers, multiple PCs, 4 mobile devices.  All the same.  The render doesn't show, and neither do the print, view, info, buttons.

    I can restart repetier server service with "sudo RepetierServer restart" and this works too.  Soon as the service restarts, I refresh the page (on any device) and the render and print option shows up.

    It's not a memory issues as I have 21.5GB free on the SD card per the server homepage

    How do I check AVCONV?  And remember, the rendered image only shows up after the restart.

    As an aside, I have another Raspberry pi running repetier server for another printer, 0.80.3 installed on the same date and it doesn't have this issue.  So this is something localized to this install.

  • Maybe you should then disable timelapse if no webcam server is running. It seems you always make timelapses and they fail, just to rule out that problem.

    ps aux | grep avconv

    should show all avconv instances and the grep command.

    I fully understand that it is a local problem, but I like to avoid all normally occuring local problems so knowing it is good also for us, as we can might be able to prevent the issue in future. Sure a fresh install would help for the moment, but will probably occur for someone in the future.

    Problem with the log is that I don't see when what happened. I see uploaded files getting rendered, but I do not know at whcih time you had a problem. I don't see restarts in it. Is it that the problem occurs with every new upload directly after a start? If so please zip the complete /var/lib/RepetierServer folder and send it to me (dropbox e.g.). Maybe it will then also happen to me as I guess that the problem lies in some files. That is maybe the most frequent issue on real problems. sd card/power off causing some file system errors maybe causing a problem later.
  • I'm out at the moment. I can get the zip to you later.

    Re webcam. I still capture the timelapses as the netcam servers mjpg URL is used in repetier server. That way I can still use the webcam features within repetier servers UI. But I can disable this anyhow just to make sure.

    The problem happens Everytime I upload a gcode. It'll say uploaded and look like it's processing. The renders your seeing in the screenshot are from older gcodes. Or a gcode file that was rendered after a reboot/restart.

    At the moment the only way I can print a gcode is the following:
    1. Upload gcode
    2. Restart repetier server via SSH. Or reboot via the UI
    3. After a reboot, the print, view, info icons appear.
    4. Click the print icon.

    Can I put the log level in debug mode so we get more details?

    I'm happy to help debug this and will do the above you suggested when I get back home.
  • Here is one of the gcodes. https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApzOdVx9w7haie9cbuazYLaSH2z2qg

    Note I just called this badfile. But there's nothing wrong with this file. It loads up fine after a restart. Or with zero issues on my other repetier server.
  • There is no debug level in server. It always logs the same stuff.

    What might work is uploading as model and then print uploaded model. These are2 different queues and if model is rendered it is just copied to print queue and not recomputed.

    Tomorrow is no problem with zip. Have enough different stuff for testing :-)

  • What do you mean "uploading as a model"? Upload the STL instead of a sliced gcode?
  • No, I mean you have quickupload which you seem to use (I saw job directory in log when rendering). In print tab you also have a upload gcode button which stores gcodes in the model folder of your printer. But I might be wrong which one you use when the problem occurs.

    If you look into the folder structure of your printer you see also 2 folders one "jobs" and the other "models" where the data is stored. Maybe you can also clarify which one you are using with the pronlem.
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    Where would I see the jobs and models folders? In the UI? Are you referring to these folders on the filesystem @ https://goo.gl/photos/ycB7XzvRVorBZrXHA

    This issue occurs when using the upload button. I have not tried the direct print option in some time. But can try that later.

    I'm zipping the folder now. But it will take a while.
  • Here's the output of PS aux | grep avconv

    pi@RepetierServer:/mnt/gcodeshare $ ps aux | grep avconv
    repetie+ 6140 98.9 13.5 221636 128480 ? Rl 16:37 307:26 /usr/bin/avconv -loglevel error -r 10 -i /var/lib/Repetier-Server/printer/Wanhao_Di4/timelapse/20161229T070602_PLA_PauseMount v2 (alternate) - mount door/image_%08d.jpg -i /usr/local/Repetier-Server/www/img/watermark.png -c:v libx264 -filter_complex [0:v][1:v] overlay=x=10:y=10 -threads 1 -r 10 -pix_fmt yuv420p -profile:v baseline -movflags faststart -b:v 1000k -y /var/lib/Repetier-Server/printer/Wanhao_Di4/timelapse/20161229T070602_PLA_PauseMount v2 (alternate) - mount door/video.mp4
    pi 20935 0.0 0.1 4276 1844 pts/0 S+
  • just tested using the "direct print" button and gcode uploaded fine and started printing few seconds later.  So it's only the "upload gcode" that is not working for some reason.

    And I turned timelapse off as a safety measure, rebooted the pi, but still the same issue.
  • Yes I meant these folders. Now unzipping your file and hope it gets also on mac into trouble with it as it is a big file that will fill my remining free space :-) SO hope I can delete it fast after finding the reason.
  • Awesome thank you. There's probably lots of timelapses and big gcodes in there you could delete.
  • @repetier Any thoughts?
  • Not enough time. On first call I got lots of error message, on second start I did not get them and could simply upload gcodes as supposed to. So need to do some more testing to replay the problem.
  • NP thanks again for your help. I can print using the direct print button. But then I get no eta/ete calculations and the 3d gcode preview is never drawn.

    If I had to guess it seems like the process is somehow stuck on the 3d gcode preview generation. Is there a way to turn that off? Just to test this theory.
  • You could disable your license, which would disable preview calculation.

    Didn't you say direct print would work? That also computes eta just takes a while until image is rendered. If not it has the same issue as the normal model upload.
  • Direct print works. But eta never gets calculated. Webui always shows 5min remaining if I recall.

    I'll try disabling the license and report back.
  • I disabled my pro license, did not activate the trial, uploaded a 2mb gcode file and same thing as originally.  I do not get the print, info, and view icons.  I reboot the server/restart service, and print, view, info icons are there as expected.  As the pro license is not activated, no thumbnail is there, that's expected.  So still at a loss what's going on.
  • Any thoughts on this repetier?
  • Still on my todo, but haven't looked on it since I activated it. Firmware/informer/host changes you know:-)
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