slicing problem with Cura for dual extruder

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After modifying my prusa i3 with the Cyclops dual extruder, and configuring the Repetier firmware, I made my first tests

-Slicing with Slic3r an printing with one color is OK

-Slicing with Slic3r an printing with two color is OK, but dirty so I need wipe towers.

I decided to test Curaengine as I heard it did a great job for the wipe towers.

I configured it as I guess it should be but the slicing gives a weird result, like if the two colors are getting wiped on every layer.

The other problem, if I launch the printing process is that the nozzle heats too much (220° instead of the 180° configured)

Here's a capture of the slicing, I expected to see the same colour in the tower and not alternate colour on each layer


Here's my configuration, if it can help:




  • CuraEngine has it's own filament temperature settings (that might get overwritten in g-codes) so that is where your wrong temperatures come from. Make sure filament settings used have correct temperatures and gcodes is using them and not some fixed temperatures.

    Regarding the wipe tower, well that is how CuraEngine does it. Every slicer has it's strategy there and this is the curaengine strategy.
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