Ramps 1.4 G7 command not sent to printer

  • Ramps 1.4 Laser Cutter
  • Repetier Server running on RPi 2

For Marlin based Laser Cutters the G7 command is used for engraving images.  When Repetier Server receives a full G7 command it gets ignored and is not sent to the printer.  The printer will pause and do nothing until other movement (G0) or cutting (G1) commands are sent.

Connecting to the printer through a direct USB connection using Repetier Host works fine.

Here is the GCode test file I sent

;Test 1


;Test 2

G7 L68

;Full command - not sent to printer



Here is the resulting log file

< 13:56:01.231: N234 G7

> 13:56:01.238: ok

< 13:56:01.238: N235 G7 L68

> 13:56:01.245: ok


You can see that the last command was not sent to the printer.


  • Yes, I see it. It is not really a valid gcode so server marked it as invalid and skipped sending it.

    I have just modified the parser to not mark this invalid code as invalid and output it in original form. So with next update the problem should be solved.
  • Perfect, Thanks! Any idea on the ETA for next release?
  • Not really. The planned bigger release needs some more time and currently we have no urgent small fixes for a patch update. 
  • Marlin just added a bunch of new syntax when they introduced the UBL leveling system into the main branch.

    Please add them to Repetier.

    Here's a link to the new commands & syntax:  https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin/tree/devel-ubl#duplicate=0

  • How I hate these non g code conformant additions. Using N and G twice in a line with different meanings is not so clever. Will see how I can make us keep the illegal line and not throw an error on the errors they need:-(
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