Travel move reduction

How can i make the end point (X,Y) for the first layer is the start printing point for the second layer when i change Z.
in another form, how to make end point for layer 1 is the start point for layer 2 ? 



  • In Slic3r I would try "Seam position" nearest. Not sure if there is a better approximation of what you want, but I'm not aware of any other setting.
  • can you explain what do you mean by  "Seam position" ?
  • Here is a simple example to explain my question:

    Printing starts at point A for layer 1 and finish at point B. Then goes all the way back to point A (as shown in the travel move lines) to start layer 2.

    Can we make it starts layer 2 at point B and go in revers direction to reduce travel move which helps to reduce printing time ?

  • I tried to attach a picture but couldn't.
    Is there a way to do so ?

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    try different settings i slic3r (located in print settings /layers and perimeters)
    you cannot influence slicing directly in the way you want but you can improve.
    for example" avoid crossing perimeters "makes a big change
    also as repetier wrote seam position makes adifference in moves

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