Add 2nd extruder to dropdown in the control bar (WebGUI)

The 2nd extruder is only accessible via control and console tab. Would be nice if it was possible to select it from the control bar (between fan and bedtemp). 


  • The one in control bar is for the current extruder whichever that is! We have only one there for space reason. If we support all 6 extruders we could use it would get a bit crowded on smaller resolutions.

  • Maybe include a dropdown in the extruder control if there is more than one extruder defined..
  • I thought you mean the extruder control on top which is already a dropdown.

    Why would you need to control the temperature of unused extruder so often that it gets impractical to use the extruder accordion where you can set all extruders at once. I mean it s not that we do not have the control. But for normal printing I use none of them. When I need them then for manual control and there I have all on the right side as well.
  • Hmmm. you are right. Don't clutter the GUI too much. It's just that I found myself clicking opening the accordion to switch to 2nd extruder. But that can be done in the Control that's fine I guess.
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