Add a New number of M-code

Ok, hi everyone,

Let us imagine that i want to add some new Type of M-Code (M601 for exemple).
here is the fonction of this M-code :
Move this stepper until until Check this end-stop.

how i have to code this? What i have to add in repetier or maybe i can already do that just with the existing G-code?

i notify that i'am a novice in coding but i have a friend with good skills but i search some answer before tell him what i want.

thanks by adavance


  • Move until endstop is also known as homing which is implemented with G28. You can do it with x,y and z.

    For own commands you can add a event for unknown commands (see events.h description) or change in commands.cpp the mcode function and add one more case.
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