step per units

hi dears.

i try to config step per units(mm) for my printer and i do this way:
StepsPerTurn = 400 // i have 0.9 degree stepper motor
BeltDistance = 2.0mm // Distance between repeating grooves for GT2 belt.
GroovesInPulley = 20
Substepping = 1/16
StepsPerMM = StepsPerTurn*Substepping/(BeltDistance**GroovesInPulley)
           = 400*16/(2*20) =160 

and after this calculation i write this value on eeprom.and i use drv8825 driver and im sure i connect jumper for micro stepping correctly on m2 pin for 1/16 step control. but this valu(160) does not config my printer correctly but when i write 160*2=320 on eeprom config my printer well.

i want now why i must multiple the value to two? 


  • Maybe you are using the slow core xy solution? Or you are not at 1/16 but 1/32 substep resolution. The drivers support it and all on is normally highest precision.
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