Server connectivity Windows to Linux

I am a newbie to all this but could not find a similar issue.
I have three Pc's. 1 running Windows 10 and the other two running Linux Mint 17.3
Either Linux machine using Host (v1.6.2) can access Server(v0.80.3) on the Windows 10 machine.
The Windows 10 machine using Host (v1.6.2) cannot access Server (v0.80.3) on either Linux machines.
Either Linux machine can access the server locally.
Error message is:
 "Could not connect to server.
 Please verify IP number and
 port and  check if server is enabled"
Of course my design center is on the windows machine and I want to be able to send prints to the Linux Server.
I suspect that I have to open 3344 tcp on the Linux machines but havn't a clue how.


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