Communication timeout setting

I have quite a few comm timeouts, so I have been wondering, what is the equivalent setting in marlin firmware that can be set in the general tab of the printer settings. Auto-detection picks up that value (green / red) dot, but I couldn't figure out the name of the variable in marlin... 

PS: I know it's just a dirty hack, I am gonna try a couple of other things soon:
  • More stable psu for RPi
  • Ferrite for USB cable
  • Ping-Pong off
  • Bluetooth?? 


  • Try recompile marlin with new release.

    - busy protocol. Allows setting timeout to 3s
    - wait (in advanced config)
    - line numbers on ok (advanced config)
    - ping pong off in server

    That allows detection of lost "ok" before anything bad happens in most cases and wait/busy will make sure in that case it continues within a few seconds. These are of course only software solutions to reduce symptoms.
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