Add Babystepping to Server

Maybe I am missing something, but the babystepping feature is incredibly useful for fine-tuning, yet  it is missing from Repetier Server. Since I got rid of all LCDs, I would love to see that in the GUI. Possible?
PS: What are the GCodes for babystepping?


  • M350 w/o switches gives status. 
    This page is a feference for some G-codes
  • M350 only sets the microstepping mode but how to do I actually babystep an axis during a print? Could not find any gcode doing that....
  • babystepping is the one command that is not adaptable for server. The solution bypasses the current moves and injects z moves directly while printing. From server you would say do a step and 20 moves later it would be executed. That much delay makes no sense.
  • I was afraid so. Unlucky.
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