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i have the auto bed leveling setup in Marlin. It is working great when I select petg as my filliment choice. It will read 9 grid locations and then lower to print at the correct offset I messured and set into marlin. However, when I change to using PLA in Slic3r the auto level perfroms fine until it begins to print and the nozzle offset will not come down to the bed height set in the offset. It always is about 1mm above the bed. It seems as though there is something in slic3r that is preset under each of the default choices of filliment that you choose. Even if I cerate my own filliment under My Settings it will not see the nozzle offset after auto level has performed. Is there a way to over ride what slic3r is doing?


  • I don't see what slic3r should have done. In filament settings you have no extra offsets - that would not make sense anyway. Different filament means just different temperature that is all what slic3r would change. Compare the produced gcode of both filament settings and see yourself.

    If you of course also change print setting then it could produce different code, but filament change only changes temp. and fan.
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