Windows Update Doesn't Realize A Print Is In Motion

Despite the fact that I have Windows 10 automatic updates TURNED OFF it still updates sometimes in the middle of the night while I have a print running, ruining it.  Why doesn't Windows realize that Repetier is running?  Is there any way the developers could ping the system on regular intervals so the computer reads as active?  Is anyone else having this problem?

Signed, frustrated and sitting on a 7 hour pile of worthless and unfinished print,



  • Windows 10 is really problematic in that way. There is no official way to stop it from updating. Some versions can delay it. If there are no official switch for it as they want to keep all computers up to day. I heard there are some tricks and registry keys. For example saying wifi costs money at your place will not do it, but if an other W10 computer is in your network it will take updates from there. I often also lost some text since the editors get closed as well even if you have unsaved data, so no way to prevent updates I know from. All we can do is prevent sleep while printing.

    One solution is using a raspberry pi or similar linux/arm based mini pc with repetier-server as print server. It is external and does continue printing even if windows or host crash/shut down. But you can connect form host to it directly or use the web front end to send and control print jobs. For raspberry pi we have preconfigured images you just copy to sd card and have a working server.
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