Raspberry Pi SD Image


Which RS Version is the SD image using? armel or armhf?


  • Armel so it also works on pi 1. But you can download armel and install it over existing version so you have armhf and still benefit form the extra setup for webcams/wifi.
  • Good, Thanks that worked. Is there a way to check which version is currently installed in terms of armel or armhf?
  • No, both have identical names etc. The only way would be running on pi 1 and one will crash:-) I do not think the armhf version is that much faster but maybe I should test that at some time. 
  • Hi,
    I've now the Repetier-Server-Image (Repetier-Server-Image_0_80_3_v6) on a 32GB-SD-card. It seems to run but there is no acces with keyboard or mouse. The licence-key is entered over my mobile. I also use Repetier-Server Pro together with Ubuntu Mate and Raspberry Touch screen. It works fine.

    My questions:

    How I shall proceed to use  keyboard and mouse?
    What is the preferd installation/version for PI3 with RUMBA.

    Thanks for your answer!


  • It is optimized for touch without keyboard!

    Check .bashrc in pi home directory. At the end you have

     xinit -- -nocursor 2> /dev/null > /dev/null &

    the -nocursor is to hide the mouse cursor which disturbs on touch screen.

    The frontend does not use any keyboard commands so also keyboard works it will not do anything. Use the popup keyboard.

    Not sure what the rumba question is about. Always newest server version of course:-)
  • Thanks, with touch it is working fine. 
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