"Jam" event dependent gcode

Under repetier fw dev, under mechanics, I have jam detection setup to 1 "show jam out of filament dialog and block communication."  This works great.  However, when I try option 2 "send pause to the host" it works great too, but I can't do anything since there's no "jam" event type under the printer configuration->gcode->event dependant.  

I could use the pause and continue, but this isn't viable as I may want to take other action if filament is out vs a regular pause via the UI.

Just curious if there's a way either in the fw or server to do something specific when a jam happens if using jam_action = 2 in the fw.

Thank you!


  • No it is just a pause with a different message. But it allows you to do what I want. I write my pause scripts always that they go out of the way. Important is to include 
    - M513 - Clear all jam marker.

    which you normally add into continue code but just saw only server has a continue code. Might already help in start code.
  • Could you share your pause script? I use rep server most of the time so the pause and continue should work. I'm just curious how others have it implemented. Would be great to mimic the fw jamaction=1 setup with just some extra code.
  • I have none for jam as I use display solution. But it would look something like that:

    Start pause:
    G1 X0 Y200 ; out of the way so I can reach print
    M602 P1 ; disable jam control
    M601 S1 ; Pause extruders so they do not heat while waiting for interaction

    Continue script:
    M602 P0 ; enable jam control
    M513 ; clear jam marker
    M601 S0 ; Heat up extruders to previous temperature

    pause will then move to old starting position and continue.

    Important: Pausing extruders means setting target temperature as negative value. So changing temperatures will delete the setting and unpausing does nothing. So if you heat manually to change filament heat it to the correct value and everything is ok.
  • Awesome thx! Going to try to implement this along with additional server commands. Thx!!
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