Time of starting print

edited December 2016 in Repetier-Server
In the "current print" view please add the time about starting print, not only the estimated end, thanks!



  • Do you mean how much you need to wait untill the printer heats up so it can start printing?If thats the case it cant realy tell accurate how much time is needed in order to heat up but it can be an estimation.BTW why we will need this?
  • No he means really when the print is started so he sees hey I'm printing for 2 hours already. Not a needed value but interesting. Will add it when I see I can add it without extra space being used.
  • I mean the day, hour and minutes when the print is started, example "27/12/16 at 12:05".
  • I would like to add one thing while talking about time. Could the time and date setting follow the system set locale?
    Like recordings show "Dec 28, 2016 05:00:00 AM. I would like 24h clock and date as 28 dec 2016. Maybe this could be set by some custom time and date format in setting?
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