@pause in gcode fails

I'm running repetier server 0.80.3 for a wanhao di3 stock repetier fw.

I tried using the @pause command in the gcode, but according to the prints log file, all the other commands processed but the @pause was ignored. Any idea why this could have happened or how to investigate further?

Screenshots at https://goo.gl/photos/Y9HoGVKhuwFKsWrj8


  • I see you did write actially @pause; which is no known command. Remove the comment as comments are not supported for host commands anyway. You can add a string to show in pause message but a space after @pause is required.
  • Ah ok. So my mistake was forgetting the discs after the @pause. So
    @pause; should be:
    @pause ;

    And I could also do:
    @pause change filament ; pause and send msg.

    Thanks again and I'll unlikely this in the next print
  • Nearly. Comment will be displayed in pause message I think since host commands do not have comments! Maybe parser will throw it away or not I can not say.
  • confirmed the "@pause ;comment here" works, but "@pause;comment here" does not get processed.  so key is that space after the command before the ;.

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