Install on linux mint 18 - I leave nothing.

Until it works.

Here is the first error.

$ sh
System: x86_64
Using 64 bit CuraEngine
Lecture des listes de paquets... Fait
Construction de l'arbre des dépendances      
Lecture des informations d'état... Fait
Aucune version du paquet libmono-winforms2.0-cil n'est disponible, mais il existe dans la base
de données. Cela signifie en général que le paquet est manquant, qu'il est devenu obsolète
ou qu'il n'est disponible que sur une autre source
Cependant les paquets suivants le remplacent :
  mono-reference-assemblies-2.0 mono-devel

E: Le paquet « libmono-winforms2.0-cil » n'a pas de version susceptible d'être installée
rm: impossible de supprimer '/usr/bin/repetierHost': Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
ln: la cible '/usr/bin/repetierHost' n'est pas un répertoire
Checking if you are in the dialout group.
User already in dialout group. Adding not required.
Compiling helper software to allow non ansi baud rates for some boards
depending on the used serial driver. 52: g++: not found
Configuration finished.
IMPORTANT: In addition to the bundled CuraEngine, the host also
supports Slic3r and Skeinforge. These slicers are not bundled, so
need to install them according to their docs and then set the path
to them in Repetier-Host.
For Slic3r simply unpack the tar you get on in this directory.
The host will then register and add it automatically on next restart.

IMPORTANT: You need a recent mono version since the host uses .NET 4.0
If you see the following error message, your mono is too old!
>>> System.Windows.Forms.SplitContainer doesn't implement interface System.ComponentModel.ISupportInitialize <<<
/home/kevin/Téléchargements/RepetierHost: /home/kevin/Téléchargements/RepetierHost : ceci est un répertoire

$ mono -V
Mono JIT compiler version 4.2.1 (Debian
Copyright (C) 2002-2014 Novell, Inc, Xamarin Inc and Contributors.
    TLS:           __thread
    SIGSEGV:       altstack
    Notifications: epoll
    Architecture:  amd64
    Disabled:      none
    Misc:          softdebug
    LLVM:          supported, not enabled.
    GC:            sgen


  • Looks like they have renamed libmono-winforms2.0-cil but I do not underdstand if they take the replacement or not. I speak no french. Anyhow I see mono was installed. You shoudl also install
    sudo apt-get install build-essential
    which should contain g++ or at least did it in past. Then compiling SetBaudrate would succeed. Maybe install g++ seperately.

    Apart from this what is the error when starting the host?
  • Salut Lipki,
    Je n' parlez Francais mais....

    I had a similar looking problem in Mint 18 today and Repetier-host would not start after install.

    I had previous installed mono using Software manager. This seems to be a problem.

    My solution was to use Synaptic Package manager to install "mono-compete." and to install "build-essential" as recommended above.

    Repetier now starts.

    (note I had also installed "mono-reference-assembliers-4.0" before, I don't know if it has any effect here, but if above doesn't work that might be worth a shot.)

  • edited December 2017
    Hi Dr_Ew, Repetier
    D'not work.
    Apart from this what is the error when starting the host?
    The shell is started, the printer port is present in the settings, but the printer does not see, the connection to the printer is not set.
    g++  installed
  • Is the calling user member of dialout group? That is required to be able to connect to serial port.
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