Rendered images looks different, server vs host.

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Slicing and uploading to server, the server renders this picture:

Host renders this one:

What is happening here?


  • What do you mean. Extrusion looks the same more or less. These are different renderers so a small difference is normal, but general path is identical.
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    I mean that they differ quite a bit? Much more black and lines in the server rendered one?
  • Server also considers shadows and reflections to some extend. And as you see filament is drawn a bit wider so edges are more sharp. Add then some moiree effect and you get these differences. It's hard to follow and gets better with smaller objects with less layer as each layer gets more pixels.
  • I turned off shadows and reflections and still getting the black lines. I did not see them before because I used black filament. ;-)
  • Just played around a bit as it looked much better for my prints. Changed to white - still great. Then I took again a look at your image and saw that your z resolution was much higher. So reduced layer height to 0.1mm and then I started to get similar image.

    So now it is a bit more clear what is happening. Filament is rendered like a rectangle with half circles at the 2 sides. So if you hit the side the orientation is up or down depending on exact height and normal. So it goes into light or down. If you have less. So if you hit upper half you get light pixel if you hit lower row you get dark pixel (you can increase ambient factor to reduce darkness). Now if make layer height smaller you might get to a point where one layer gets less then 4-5 pixel. Then you start getting more dark or more light pixels per filament over height. And the pattern you see is exactly that. At some point you have more light lines and then it gets darker until suddenly a light line gets added making it light again. If we would increase the resolution again it would be better until you start reducing layer height again.

    Host might not even use your real layer height depending on graphic setting and it does not interpolate normals like the server renderer does. Plus in neglects some more stuff so it is different.
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