Why can't I manually control my printer?


I bought a kit printer last week. It's modeled after a Prusa i3 with marlin.
After building it, checking it, making sure everything works through the lcd screen, I installed Repetier and hooked it up.
The strange thing is... I can print, but I can't manually control the printer from Repetier.

What could be the problem here?


  • You mean you print through the host but manual moves are not possible? Sounds unlikely, but in any case open log and check for firmware feedback. That should give you some idea why it ignores commands.
  • By the way,

    When I set my baud rate to 250000 I can print, but the manual control buttons are greyed out.
    When I change my baud rate to 115200, the manual controls can be used, but they don't work. also the printerstatus changes from Idle to # Commands expected, where # is an actual number that grows when I click buttons
  • If you get x commands waiting you use wrong baud rate and nothing will happen.

    During print manual controls are mostly blocked. Only fan/speed/temperature will work. That is normal. When print is finished you should be able to use controls again.
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