Touch UI extreamly slow after print on Pi and 5" lcd

After I did a clean install of the 0.8 update 5 Pi image my Touch display will effectively freeze for minutes at a time just after a print has completed. During the print there are no issues and after a restart it is fine again, but as soon as any print stops the ui takes between 40 to 92 seconds to respond for any touch event. 

Any Ideas as to what is going on here?


  • Not really. Never had this issue. Can you connect with ssh and run "top" at that stage. top shows which processes consume cpu time. I guess something is taking the cpu time making it essentially block until that is finished. With top you would find if it is chromium, or if you encode a video (can be very time consuming and if you set to use more threads everything else slows down).

    What Pi type are you using? Pi 3 normally keeps responsive as it has 4 cpu cores.
  • Thanks, will do that and get back to you.
    I disconnected the webcam and disabled it in the menu. It seems to be random when this behavior will present. The only consistency in this behavior is when a print has finished. I also uncommented the 3 xset commands as per your guide but the display still blanks after a while.

    I have a few Pi 2's running at the moment. 
    My printer with a windows tablet does not have this behavior.
  • Hi
    It is chromium browser sitting at 100%image

  • What page do you have enabled when you print?
    Does this also happen  when you have recently rebootet. I see you have accumulated quite some time and ram usage there. Just looked at my chromium and it has just 120mb in 3 days. You have 260MB in 22h and a averate CPU usage for chromium of 64%. I'm running just a test print and it has chromium at 5-6% cpu usage.

    So you have a relevant difference that seems to increase cpu usage. I assume you are running the new printer frontend, but what page causes the cpu load to increase that much. Anything noticeable here? Multiple printers, bad wlan, special page open? Once I know what causes the high cpu usage I guess the other problem also disappears as I guess they are related and just increase at end of print.
  • I either have the main page, print progress page or move page open. This behavior also happens over time irrespective of me starting a print. After boot it is fine for a while.

    I am running v5 of your 0.8 pi image with a 5" hdmi touch screen. Single printer connected to a pi. No webcam (removed it to eliminate it as a source of distress)

    My printers are very custom corexy machines with a custom pcb very loosely based on the ramps-fd running repetier fw dev 1.0.0

    What I did to get the lcd/touch to work:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade

    sudo nano /boot/config.txt






    hdmi_cvt 800 480 60 6 0 0 0




    sudo nano /etc/modules

    ads7846_device model=7846 cs=1 gpio_pendown=25 speed=1000000 keep_vref_on=1 swap_xy=1 pressure_max=255 x_plate_ohms=150 x_min=184 x_max=3869 y_min=141 y_max=3959

    apt-get -y install xinput evtest

  • looks like a quite normal setup. Just some extras to support your resolution and touch interface.

    I will have a look at it on my next test prints if I can see similar behaviour.
  • Thank you. As it is rendering my printer's local interface useless.
    Are there perhaps any plans to develop repetier server for android? It would make the perfect cheap option for a printer interface/server. 
  • No plans for android so far. Not sure how much we could copy there and how to get around the android part. I mean in android things are managed differently and we need to ensure server is always running even if screen is off or you start playing a game. Plus several more issues that might get in the way. I guess there is a solution but android is not the os I have any experience on.

    Printer interface is normally working well. Will see in further tests if I can see any problems on my devices. So for nothing noticed but I'm not always on the interface when printing.
  • I understand, it is a pity as android devices are very cheap and even the bad devices has good touch screens. I am also playing around with android development and can imagine the difficulty it may present for 3d printing. GCode printer seems to have found a way around it but do not like the software. 

    I have just tested on a windows 8.1 tablet using chrome and firefox. The processor will jump to 100% every now and then and stay there for a couple of minutes. The interface will also show a blue notification block on firefox every few seconds if you leave the interface. It dissapear too fast for me to read what it says.
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