80.2 Will not connect to Wifi


80.2 will not connect to Wifi. Shows networks but wont connect, Tested on different networks type in correct password and it always says failed to connect. Status said Access point once and gave me IP address but i could not connect to it.

Went back to 80.1 worked first try no problems.


  • Yes, seems to be broken due to a bug in network-manager and wrong line. We will release soon 0.80.3 with new working image and working autoupdate.
  • Why do i sometimes get two QR codes and two network addresses in RS0.80.3?
  • Because it shows all non-local networks. Soif you have wifi plus ethernet connected you have 2 ip addresses and it shows both.
  • After some time my wifi connection drops out and says Access point. Then i have to type wifi password again then okk and connected 0.80.3
  • How good is wifi signal at printer? It switches to access point when network is not visible any more. And when it becomes visible again it automatically reconnects. Only when reconnect fails it assumes password is wrong and asks for password.

    Please make sure you use latest sd image. It has some corrections in network handling that work around some bugs in network manager.
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    even with my 0.80.3 often falls connection .....
    I have to reconnect with digit password
    I changed the password with a easy because many times often enter
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