Temperature curve display

Occasionally I notice that my temp when first starting a print varies +-20C when the hot end is heating up. After about 5 minutes it balances out then the print starts. This time, when looking at the temp curve chart, the extruder temp is at zero, the printer is showing 220c, as it should. The only thing I could think is going on is that on the bottom of the display it shows  "Extruder 1: 220/220C Extruder 2: 0.0/220C Bed 59.4/60C"

I do not have a second extruder. Is the display reflecting extruder 2?

How do I resolve this?

Thanks in advance. 


  • The temp. graph always show active extruder. In status bar at bottom or manual control you see all temperatures. Still returning 0 for a extruder set to 220°C seems wrong. But that be a problem of firmware sending invalid/unknown temp. response e.g. only returning temp. for current extruder.
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