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how can I import the printer settings that is allready stored in Repetier Host? I know the settings of Repetier Host are stored in the Windows registery, but can I export the as XML so they can be imported in Repetier Server.

I tried adding manually my Vertex 3D printer with the know settings. But for some reason I don't see the control tab then, So i guess I still miss one of the settings.


  • Server and host have different settings and are not compatible in this regrad. 

    You see the control tab in the server only if the printer is connected in the server (green). If it is not green the connection data is probably wrong. Especially baudrate and port is here important. What board does the Vertex 3D printer use?
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    I have the same issue and the same printer (Vertex).  Velleman is one of your customers, right?  You gave them a customised version of Repetier Host, you should know!

    The version of Repetier I'm using is labelled as vertex-m1-v1.1-h2 (for two heads) and it's Marlin based compiled using Arduino.  The file was downloaded from here.

    Like Mitch, as this is a customised version of Repetier Host, I was hoping there would be an easy way to export the printer settings into Repetier Server.  

    There certainly should be - it looks a bit odd not to link up your products.  What the best way we can do it and ensure we get the customised settings for the Vertex?
  • The fact that we have made a custom version for the Vertex means nothing. They provide the settings and we create the installer the way they say. I have never seen a Vertex:-) And the server is a completely independent product.

    Basic setup should be quite easy with wizard. There you only need basic data you should know and which you see also in the host as well (dimensions, number of extruders).

    For temperature speed we also have a wizard to measure it.

    Values for acceleration/jerk whcih are the only complex one do have no impact on if the server works, only calculation of printing time will not match as good. These values can be read from Configuration.h of the firmware.

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    It doesn't connect using the wizard.  Can't even get to step 2.  So I can't enter any values.

    I can understand it's a separate product, but surely it would make you lives easier if you could make use of the settings file that the user already could have from the  reliable and nearly bug free Repetier Host.  I mean Repetier Host isn't your competitor, is it? Can't you nudge your colleagues and ask them to provide a simple settings / config export that you can import?

    Or even if you just provided a template text file that the user could edit themselves with values from Repetier Host, that they then upload to add printer.

    I can't get Repetier Server to connect or work in any way.  This is under Windows 7.
  • Have you upgraded to 0.51 already? Older versions could not connect to printrboard when running marlin with the server and that now works, also autodetect baudrate still does not work since that board does not reset on connect. But at least it can connect with same baud rate as host uses now. Then the rest of the wizard also works.

    Problem with the host is that it is a separate product that stores different values and does not have all values needed. This will also get mor ecomplicated with later server updates, so it is only a source of big errors without satisfying result (missing data).

    What we later want is a database with preconfigured settings from printer vendors, so users only need to select vendor and printer type as an alternative. Also with repetier-firmware 0.92.2 the wizard gets nearly all values directly from the firmware except personal preferences.

  • Yes this is the latest version I'm afraid.  Won't connect at all.

    As a start you could ask users if they would mind if the Server uploaded their printer configuration to help other users when adding a printer.  That way you could incrementally build up a database of working configurations.  Not sure it would help me, as there doesn't seem to be anyone else who's managed to connect their Vertex via the Server.

    Guess I'll just have to go the OctoPi route.  Shame - as I love Repetier Host and it works perfectly.  But I really don't like leaving my printer for ten hours at a time without checking on its progress.
  • Just found out that the server still has problems with Printboard like boards with Marlin. So I tried to find out what the vertex uses, but only found

    Controller board: AVR ATmega2560 based
    which does say nothing. Do you know what board they use or can you tell me if the host has "Reset on connect" disabled?

    If it has, connection works only once or after a server restart. I have already a fix for this that seems to work. After all I want the server to work with all reprap printers.
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