Introduction and auto levelling queries

Hi all,

I built a Prusa I3 clone last year, but gave up due to the fact that it was impossible to keep within calibration from print to print due to movement in the frame and x carriage assembly. When it was working right, the prints were fine, but it took too much time to level the bed manually and I put it away until I had a better understanding.

I have now rebuilt it with a stiffer frame, lead screws on the z axis and an induction sensor, hopefully this will allow me to have better luck with it.

I wish to print directly onto the aluminium mk3 heated bed. I have a inductive sensor 30mm away from the hot end on the x axis, this is connecting to the Z_MIN pin. This also acts as the Z_MIN endstop. All of my endstops work and the motors run fine. I have set the homing sequence to XYTZ and can successfully home the Z axis on the bed, due to the sensor being off it when at X0 Y0. I have also manual levelled the bed as much as I can to get a good starting point.

Have have no idea where to go from here, I seem to be spending hours going round in circles. Am I right in thinking that I need to home the Z axis and the distance from the nozzle to the bed minus the thickness of a piece of paper when the sensor is triggered is what I enter into Z_PROBE_HEIGHT? from here I guesss I have to run G28 and then G32 to map the bed with rotation?

Thanks in advance for your help!



  • Set bed coating 0 as there are some errors related with this.

    paper trick is ok for bed height. Run G32 S2 once after homing. That stores rotation in eeprom and later homings use the same rotation from that point on.

    Retest ig homing z=0 is ok, if not change z probe height accordingly and rehome. That's all. Just amke sure probing point are reachable with active z probe (because of offset). 
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