Problems with all printer axis not working when printing.

I am new to using forums so please bear with me. If I am posting this in the wrong spot please let me know so that I can ask there instead of here. Alright then... My problem is that my printer (its from a university school project so its not a brand name. Its built like a cnc router setup with an extruder head instead of a router. aka like this It has worked in the past so I know it can work. However, something got screwed up at some point (Something happened that wiped all the settings. I put all the settings back the way they were (I think...)) and now when you try to print something, none of the axis (x,y,or z) move and the printer just tries to extrude filament as fast as it can. Creating a large blob of plastic under the printer head. The frustrating thing is that it works fine in manual aka all the x,y,z,and extruder movements work correctly in the manual menu. But when you try to print something the extruder head just doesn't move at all and the filament extruding stepper motor runs nonstop. If you need any information on the printer/software/firmware/hardware let me know. This is frustrating me. Please help.


  • If it works manually it also works as job. If not your created gcode does something wrong e.g. using invalid coordinates or other gcode dialect. Try sending them manually and see what you expect and what happens then. Then you should find quickly what goes wrong and you lear a lot about gcode. 

    For more analysis firmware would be a help. But since maual works the solution is inside the gcode you produce I think.
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