G & M codes

I am having problems trying to debug my  firmware using Repetier Host.  Is there a detailed list of the G and M codes with examples of the expected output formats.  There appears to be a lot more returned than the standard G code lists describe.  


  • Depends on your firmwar you are using. www.reprap.org has a very good list of gcodes and support for firmwares also not complete. Repetier-Firmware has a list of supported codes in Repetier.ino file.
  • I have that list but it doesnt describe what Repetier outputs for all examples.
    For example:
    It doesnt explain  the meaning of example;  ETA 15s     or ETA 20:54:45 day 23 ??
    For M105  it outputs T:209.7/210 B:50.8/50 T0:209.7/210 @:47 B@:0
    I recognize that T:  and B: refer to the Extruder and Bed, but why repeat T0  and what is @:47 B@:0
    This isnt explained.  and thats exactly where my firmware hangs waiting.   Can't I just respond with
    ok T:temp B:temp
    If the host outputs M107 S:200 I am immediately supposed to respond with ok since it isn't buffered?? even though it has not yet reached that temperature, even though M109  is supposed to Wait?? 
  • So you are writing your own firmware?

    ETA comes from host/server as M117 to be shown in status line.

    Temperatur eoutput is quite simple. @ meant output 0-255 so host can show power used. No number = current extruder, with number is per extruder value.

    ok means host can send next line. You want small delay so send it when you know the command is ok and the input buffer is freed from that command.
  • Yes I wrote my own firmware, but I am no software expert. Most commands  work on Repetier but I've been cleaning up a few  of the responses to the host, as they aren't all correct. I think this is the last issue, except probably the delays.

    Since I only have one extruder I dont need T0:209.7/210 @:47 B@:0 ????
    I dont understand your description of @:47 B@:0 .  
    The temperature is allways less than 255.
    How is power related to the temperature fed back?
    When the printer gets to the M105 command it halts and does not feed back anything now.  It should, therefore I presume that the  host did not like the format or the firmware is screwed up.

  • M105 works and got beyond that hang up. The next problem is for me to find out. A G1 command line does move the printer but it somehow outputs rs then stops, whereas it runs in the terminal.  Its some software error.  Thanks for the help. 
  • @:47 => Extruder power used is 47*100/255 percent.
    B@:0 bed output is 0.

    rs comes from your printer so you should know why you send it. Only valid reason is a checksum mismatch so I guess your checksum computation differs to the correct one. Everthing until * must be considered for checksum computation!
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