Setup webcam

thanks for your beutiful and perfect program.
I ask if is it possible to add a feature?
My webcam are running only if I put "--no_dynctrl" in the input in mjpg_streamer program.
My setup now is with crontab:
killall mjpg_streamer
 /usr/local/bin/mjpg_streamer -i "/usr/local/lib/mjpg-streamer/ --no_dynctrl" -o "/usr/local/lib/mjpg-streamer/ -p 8080"
So it is all ok.
I ask if it is possible to modify the mjpg-streamer start script


  • In short we release new server image for pi and also new webcam scripts for 0.80.2. There is a file
    where you can set extra usb webcam parameter like this.
    Current version also has this already but will be replaced for even better handling.
  • Thanks for your answer.
    But i try to put
    to WEBCAM_USB_PARAMS="--no_dynctrl"
    But webcam is not possible to see.
    I have intall 0.80.1 v4 image for pi

  • Did you reboot or unpluck webcam to activate new settings?

    ps aux | grep mjpg

    should show you the used parameter. Our scripts do not restart just restart if you plug it in again or reboot. see mjpgStart in /usr/local/Repetier-Setup/bin at the bottom how the command is started.
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