Why can't I connect to Repetier-Server from Repetier-Host Mac?

That is the only thing stopping me from purchasing Repetier-Server Pro. I want to see the webcam view. But I am wary that a published feature is absent from the Mac version. 
This page does not represent the Printer settings window on Repetier-Host Mac: https://www.repetier-server.com/faqs/connecting-repetier-host-with-repetier-server/ There is no "Connector" drop down
What other advertised features am I missing? I am using the most recent version of 1.0.2 which I see is far behind the Win and Linux versions. Is there a reason for this as well?


  • Mac is a completely own software and not used that much. But even windows version will not show webcam in host. That is only available in the web front end. The idea of the server is to be platform independent so all os systems get the same features at the same time. It runs independently of the host and can be used without. Soon we will release 0.80.2 with free 14 day trial so you can test server stand alone with all features.
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