Time difference between printing on Repetier-Host vs Repetier-Server

I had printed some items with my laptop connected directly to the printer using the Repetier-Host software.  Everything worked great!  Then I decided to make a Repetier-Server to make printing easier.  When I printed the same items I had previously printed I had noticed that it now takes longer to print.  The Cura slicer estimates the time to print the same as it had in the past, but now the server estimates the print to take much longer than before, and the print time takes slightly longer than the estimate.  Overall I am getting prints that are of the same quality and settings (as far as I can see) but they take much longer to perform.

Any ideas?


  • I think you let yourself confuse by time estimates. If one method is faster then using the server, but in normal life they all send commands fast enough that communication is not the limiting factor and result only depends on the gcode send and same gcode will take same real time.

    What differs is time prediction. The server has the most complex time prediction for highest accuracy. It simulates the firmware including accelerations and heating times, whereas host just takes the wanted speed plus some error percentage.
  • Ok, That makes sense.  I appreciate the fast response.

    Now back to PRINTING!
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