Commands Waiting

Afternoon folks.

Kossel Mini 3d Delta Printer, Marlin firmware, Repetier software to manipulate the printer.

Getting a new printer setup and running, had issues with most aspects of it.  Assembly instructions were horrible, Marlin wasn't configured properly from the manufacturer, Com port wasn't working, etc.

Now, I've got it connected to my computer, talking to Repetier (build plate temp and a few other settings are reading) however I try to start doing the initial setup steps (G28, etc) and I get "1, 2, 3, etc Commands Waiting"

I've been googling, which led me here, and I have played with the Baud rate, and all sorts of other things.  The only thing I cannot find on the settings is "Reset On Connection" which makes me think that it was done away with on a version update?

Anyone have any thoughts please let me know.  


  • We now always do reset on connect and have a fallback if printers do not support it, so option is in deed gone.

    G28 will always create x commands waiting as it takes a while to finish. After that the commands should get executed. Enable ACK and commands in log and you should see some communication going on - at least if there is a connection with good baud rate.
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