Showing overall running time


I'm looking for a possibility to show some overall information like printing time, amount of parts, weight of each filament typ, ect.

Is this allready implemented? If yes, where?
Do I have to do by myself? If yes, how?

Thank you


  • If you upload a gcode it gets analysed. You see the "I" icon for the gcode. Clicking it will show you all these informations.
  • edited November 2016
    I'm familiar with this icon.

    Actually I'm looking for information about all parts that I ever printed since I use Repetier-Server. Like the "Print Counter" at the Marlin Frimware.
  • Such statistics are currently not available. It is planned for a later stage to add more statistics to also see e.g. who printed what, how much filament should be on rolls you own etc. Currently we concentrate on more print relevant features.
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