Repetier server Pro


i'm interested in Repetier server Pro. Is there a demo or trial available to test?

Is there any timeframe when the 'to come' features will arrive?



  • Hi,

    the Pro and Free version are the same binaries and only differ in that the pro version has the license activated. During beta we will release new versions from time to time with increasing feature set.

    At some point when the main part of pro features is working stable we will end the beta test and only pro users can use the features marked as pro. We make no time prediction when that will happen since it is quite difficult to predict software development time. We assume that we can end beta somewhere 2015.

    The reason we already sell pro versions is:
    1. Vendors wanting to integrate it should do it so buyers can continue to use the software.
    2. End users benefit from the reduced pre release price.
  • Hi,

    ok great! Thanks for the info!
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