Pi server issues - extruder temp not plotting

I've used the "new" Pi server image from the downloads section on my Pi2 to create my server (obviously on Pro). I've noticed a handful o issues since I paid for my Pro license:

Bed temp seems to plot ok, but in the tab that shows my printer, the Temperature is simply not plotted at all.
Since adding a USB webcam, the prints simply stop at random points in the print - the system isn't resetting - it's STOPPING. Power supply is a stable 5.2V 5A supply, so I know it's not a power problem.

What's going on guys ? I've paid for software that's "out of beta" and yet it's not working properly from an image created by the devs specifically for the PI.

I've also tried to build a fresh image on a separate SD card, but the streamer code won't compile properly (i'm not a linux guru, so i'm also firing off command code I don/t fully understand).


  • I have just tested the temperature graph and it is working for me. I tested the frontend gui and webfront gui. Are both affected or only one? Do you see correct temperature values for extruder? What firmware and version are you using?
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    Firmware is 92.9.
    I only use host and the webgui - it (the Pi2) does not have a touchscreen/display as it is inside an enclosure.
    I have just installed the windows version on a spare laptop - temps are plotted in the graph, and on top of page. In fact everything seems to work a lot better.
    Placed the rebuilt Pi using the image from the download page onto printer again - values not plotted.

    I'm going to ditch the Pi/linux build for now as I have no faith in it at all. Time will tell if the PC build is any better.

  • Tested image on pi and also there I see the curves. What language are you using? And more important which ui does have the problem.
  • hi,
    I fixed this bug - it happens if i create a printer that is not physically connected to the server - it was in the web Ui - I don't run the X server or a screen.
  • You mean you had a virtual printer selected. Ok that does not return temperatures so nothing appears. Thanks for clarifying.
  • no, not a virtual printer - the wizard was cancelled during connection setup, and then config was continued once the Pi build was next to the printer (in the workshop).
    This still creates a printer config, but once you go back in and finish the setup - it won't plot the values but still communicates.
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