Voice controlled 3D printer with Google Assistant

edited November 2016 in Tips & Tricks
Here is a suggestion for Repetier Server integration with Smart platforms like new Google Assistant currently only available at Google devices such as Pixel and Google Home.
In future, there would be even more devices with that platform. 

Following video demonstrates how it is pretty easy to implement voice control with Repetier Server using its API nad IFTTT (If This Than That, www.ifttt.com) site.


Repetier Server API commands used in example:
Heatbed - http://3dprinter.paxy.in.rs:3344/printer/api/MP20?apikey=<api key>&a=send&data={"cmd":"M140 S70"}
Extruder - http://3dprinter.paxy.in.rs:3344/printer/api/MP20?apikey=<api key>&a=send&data={"cmd":"M104 S190 T0"}
PowerOff - http://3dprinter.paxy.in.rs:3344/printer/api/MP20?apikey=<api key>&a=send&data={"cmd":"M81"}
Start Job 1 - http://3dprinter.paxy.in.rs:3344/printer/api/MP20?apikey=<api key>&a=copyModel&data={"id":1}


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