Problem using API

running the command
comes back with - {"error":"Authorization required"}

I've tried changing it to********-****-****-**** etc.
and get the result

{"error":"Printer offline or usage error"}

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


  • Not really. When I call it I get

    {"name": "Repetier-Server Pro","printers": [{"active": true,"name": "Davinci","online": 1,"slug": "Davinci"},{"active": false,"name": "My Delta","online": 0,"slug": "DeltaTest"},{"active": false,"name": "Felix","online": 0,"slug": "Felix"},{"active": false,"name": "Geetech","online": 0,"slug": "Geetech"},{"active": false,"name": "Marlin RAMPS","online": 0,"slug": "Marlin_RAMPS"},{"active": false,"name": "P3","online": 0,"slug": "P3"},{"active": false,"name": "Printrboard","online": 0,"slug": "Printrboard"},{"active": false,"name": "Test","online": 0,"slug": "Test"},{"active": false,"name": "Testprinter","online": 0,"slug": "Testprinter"},{"active": false,"name": "Testprinter 2","online": 0,"slug": "Testprinter_2"}],"version": "0.80.2"}
  • Do you have a printer called info? That might be a problem.
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