How to set autolevel to not error when probing

So i am able to use auto level if i use a repetition of "1", but if I set it to a repetition of "2" then it tries to go back past the z home position after the first probing, so my z max is 239.5ish (i have the max set to 240 in software) and after the first probe point it then tries to go to a z of 250 which is outside of my range and it triggers my zmax endstop and i get a fatal error, how do i fix this?


  • You mean you are probing from Z240 and probe goes every probe all the way up/down? 
    Z_PROBE_HEIGHT should be something like 10mm so you start near the bed. For repetitions it goes up Z_PROBE_SWITCHING_DISTANCE which should be just big enough to untrigger sensor before retrying.

    Maybe your eeprom values have wrong values stored?
  • I have recompiled and downloaded many times and my z probe height is 3 and it works fine but as soon as i change only the repetition  number to a value bigger than 1 it has the problem where it tries to go to a z of 250 in between probes rather than 3?
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