Add console to Touchscreen GUI

Using a 7" touchscreen (on a RPi 3), it would not only be possible to use a keyboard for console commands, but it would also help tremendously during z-probe calibration, error checking etc. Without a console, I would still need to drag my notebook to the printer and do it from the classic GUI. Also, similar to classic GUI, I would love to see the Printer Commands in a dropdown right in the console.

By the way: Awesome job on the GUI (and everything else as well) and thanks for the lightweight and performant RPi image. Haven't tried Octoprint in a while now, but why would I? Repetier server just ROCKS!


  • You know you still have the printer commands in the front gui?

    I wasn't really convinced I want a console. You only have touch screen for input so it is not very fast. On the other hand we have the keyboard and could make 2 buttons left enter command, right printer command and below the log. Might in deed help sparing a walk and thus be useful. And who don't want it can simply ignore the screen:-)

    So I guess in a near update we will see it coming.
  • Wow, that was quick. Thanks a lot. Missed it in the changelog 80.2 and found it by accident. 
    Much appreciated and well done!
  • One minor issue : spacebar is missing
  • No spcaebar needed! It adds space on next char automatically.
  • That's ingenious! Gonna have to try that. You really did think about everything :)>-
  • edited December 2016
    Indeed. But there is one essential key missing: minus (mainly, if not exclusively for correcting probe height....)
    Then I stop complaining 
  • Mhh yes. If I move the 3rd row I can add one more char. Then screen is full and no more is possible. But negative values are in rare occasions in deed necessary e.g. for delta printers. So lets put it atop of return.
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