0.80.1 Touchscreen interface only sees default G-code directory

The new touchscreen interface is mostly working great with Raspberry Pi now, but when selecting G-Code, it only shows the files in the default location. Files in user defined groups are not accessible.
G-code files in these locations must be started remotely via web browser.


  • On top in the gcode screen is a button showing active group. Clickit to change the active group, then you also see the other directory content.
  • It doesn't work.

    I can select another group in the touchscreen interface, but the content is always only what is in the default group.

    It appears that group selection is not working at all in the touchscreen interface.

    If I select any user defined group, it only shows the default group content.
    If I select "all", it only shows the default group content.

    From the web browser, it works correctly. 
  • Somehow I missed that content did not change. Will fix it for 0.80.2.
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