Repetier-Server Free 0.80.0 Webcam Support requires Pro Version

This was free in the last version of Repetier Server, how come webcam support is Pro only now?


  • It was always a pro version, only during beta period we made it available for free. That period has now stopped, so it now only available with a license. This is also valid for older versions now and not limited to current release.
  • OK.  Thanks.
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    Does anyone have last working webcam version for armhf (libc 2.16)?
  • Does mjpg_streamer run?

    What does /var/log/syslog say?

    The new webcam system uses this scheme:

    where you can see that we prescribe the frames and image size. Maybe your webcam does not support that combination also all tested webcams we had did work.
  • I mean the beta version of repetier server with free webcam. I had one working at July, but I reinstalled Pi and got this. I just want to use same version as I have in July, with webcam and etc. Maybe someone have it on torrent or else.
  • Beta is over so you now need a license to use pro features like webcam. This is also true for older versions. The had it only activated because beta was active.
  • God bless Gina Häußge and her Octoprint!
  • roginvs said:
    God bless Gina Häußge and her Octoprint!
    spends hundreds on a 3d printer....bitches about having to pay for the best management system lol fag
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