0.75.1 Features Pulled? WTF?

I have been running 0.75.1 "free" for a while, and I turn it on today and now all my renderings which used to show up say "PRO" and the webcam is disabled.  If I had installed 0.80 which makes it clear that these features are only for the PRO version, I would understand, but to have these features just turned off without any warning doesn't seem reasonable at all.  I guess I can just go install octoprint or astroprint instead but I kind of liked repetier server and might have considered buying the new 0.80 pro version if this hadn't happened.


  • We are telling everywhere over a year which features will only work with pro once beta phase ends. So I do not understand why you are so surprised that this in deed happened:-)

    Fact is if we do not do this there will be not enough money to finance the development costs. With this way we hope to even get enough to pay additional developers for even more awesome features.
  • I did really enjoy using repetier software, but EUR 59.99 is way to expensive for hobby printer software, in my humble opinion.... I was planning to pay this when server-side slicing (with offloading to a second server install) was supported, but now its 60 euro for webcam support, timelapse, and 3d renders..... 
  • Hi I'm French, sorry for my english, 

    Honestly, I paid for the licence because its the price of a video game, I don't think it's expensive compare to the quality of support especially over the forum. 

    But, I think the license managment is a bit out of date, you should be able to manage your licences attached to devices through the repetier website, I lost already 1 slot due to a crashed raspberry where Iwasn't able to acces repetier server anymore. Furthermore, I use also my printer for hobby, I've got only one printer, I'll be interesting to buy a licence with friends which potentially would reduce the price over 10 euro per pal, but without a licence managment it's very difficult.
  • You don't loose licenses by reinstalling on same device. The multi  license is also to allow you to install it on a fast pc in parallel so small servers on a pi can outsource computations to that computer if it is running. And last point - you can deactivate in register windows, so the used license get freed for installation somewhere else.
  • That's good to know, thanks for this input !
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